Smart Cycling Futures (SCF) is a research program that is funded by the Dutch organisation for scientific research (NWO). The focus of the research are innovations in the –broadly defined- bicycle system in the Netherlands. To develop rich understanding of this, different academic domains are involved. Local Living Labs have to ensure that the research projects are well connected with practical problems and solutions.

The consortium is transdisciplinary. This means that next to acdemic research staff (PhD, Postdoc and junior researchers) several Dutch regions and cities invested time and money in the research. They also bring in the relevant policy challenges that arise and the capacity to engage with concrete Living Lab organisations in a real-world context. Next to that, the project actively engages with a variety of upcoming innovations that promise concrete solutions, ranging from new types of infrastructure to new smartphone apps and services.

SCF offers a platform to connect these streams of problems, policies and solutions in order to stimulated windows of opportunity (include or refer to this figure). If parties from these different streams find a match, this allows for concrete testing in a Living Lab environment. The platform materializes as several consortium meetings each year of the project.

SCF does not select specific innovations to be included in the research, but offers a stimulating environment to create synergies. Also, it does not provide financial support for pilots and experiments, but stimulates and fosters the realization of Living Labs in the local context of the participating cities and regions.