CfP: Collaboration and Publication Opportunity

Smart Cycling Futures International Workshops 2018: Eindhoven & Amsterdam

With this call, we invite international researchers interested in developing a sustained
academic collaboration towards a multidisciplinary perspective on cycling and cycling
innovations. We understand such innovations as part of urban sustainability transformations
and experimental urban contexts.

There is a growing consensus cycling has a positive impact on social and ecological
sustainability. Many cities and urban regions have articulated ambitious cycling policies to
encourage growth and invest in cycling infrastructures. Academic attention for cycling by
transport planners, geographers, and historians is also growing rapidly in recent years. Studies
focus on long-term effects of cycling policies, cycling’s social and geographical factors of
cycling, and its social and environmental impacts. More recently, cycling increasingly has been
framed as part of a broader transition in urban mobility. It has shifted scholarly attention to
wider socio-technical embedding of cycling in urban governance arrangements, changes in
user-practices, changes in business models and ownership, and reconfigurations in wider
infrastructure. As such, cycling is also seen as an opportunity for sustainable innovation, often
spurred by promises of the possibilities of “smart technologies” and “smart governance
arrangements,” trialled in experimental settings like urban living labs.

We seek to collaborate with a selected group on a special issue in an international academic
journal through two dedicated workshops in Eindhoven (June 27-28, Program Sustainable Urban Mobility workshop Eindhoven 27-28 June 2018) and in Amsterdam
(November 13) 2018. This collaboration on a special issue will provide the groundwork for an
international research proposal around these topics as well.

We invite contributions related (but not limited to):

  • (Smart) cycling’s role in urban mobility transitions
  • Socio-technical approaches to the study of cycling innovation
  • Cycling and institutional change
  • Cycling and urban living labs
  • Cycling and smart urbanism
  • Governance and political analysis of cycling
  • Users’ role and cycling transitions

This international collaboration opportunity is made possible with funds from Dutch Council
for Scientific Research (NWO) research program “Smart Cycling Futures” (SCF). Our
collaboration meetings are directly linked with two exciting meetings in the Netherlands as
well. The Eindhoven workshop is a joint meeting with the international research network
“Cultural Politics of Sustainable Urban Mobility since 1890s,” bringing together past, present,
and future mobilities with scholars from Europe, the U.S. South America, China, and Africa.
The second meeting, November 13th in Amsterdam, is takes place in advance of the First
Annual Meeting of the Cycling Research Board. We belief that both meetings provide an
excellent context for further possible collaborations.

What We Offer
We support travel and accommodation costs covering costs to the two Workshop venues in
Eindhoven and Amsterdam for ca. 8 researchers:

  • Max 400 Euro travel & hotel reimbursement for participating in the Eindhoven
    workshop + lunches/dinner
  • Max 800 Euro travel & hotel reimbursement for participating in the Amsterdam
    workshop + lunches/dinner

In the first June workshop in Eindhoven, we will discuss each other’s draft extended abstracts,
develop a common theme and identify publication opportunities. In the second November
workshop in Amsterdam, we will discuss full papers and our peer reviews. In addition, you
are also welcome to participate in the two main events on both occasions.

What We Ask From You
We are looking for academic colleagues currently either working on topics related to our topic
or interested in developing such a theme as part of future research. Through the special issue,
we plan to collaborate on a shared research proposal. As part of that collaboration, we also
invite you to participate in the Cycling Research Board conference in Amsterdam as mentors
for early-career scholars in developing academic skills.

Important Deadlines
Please, submit an abstract (max. 300 words) before 27 April 2018 to [email protected].
Selected participants will be invited to submit a draft short paper of 3000 words by June 13,
2018. The deadline for the full paper in preparation of the Amsterdam meeting is November 1,

Program Committee
Ruth Oldenziel (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Brett Petzer (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Marco te Brömmelstroet (University of Amsterdam)
Anna Nikolaeva (University of Amsterdam & Utrecht University)
Rob Raven (Utrecht University & Monash University)

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